Unicorn Dreams at Project Pabst

It was only about couple of months ago when I heard that the ultimate beer that unites all starving creatives and non-creatives, PBR (well, I prefer Stiegl) was putting on a music festival as form of a love letter to Portland - their biggest market. I was neither thrilled nor uninterested. If I was in town, I'd do it and would be good to see how the inaugural event goes. But the main draw for me was the unicorn on its poster. I dreamt that they would have a giant unicorn at the site, and it came true! 

Project Pabst was one of the most enjoyable music festival experience. The setting, the weather, the lax schedule, and maybe because it was 21 and over. We were promised free PBRs but somehow OLCC got in the way. No one realized that they could abide the law by selling the cans to us, press members, for a quarter. But I'm going to stop here and let my pictures do the "talking" and read the review from the editor-in-chief of Consequence of Sound who flew in from Chicago (I think mainly because of Tears for Fears).

You can also see the gallery via Flickr.