April Low and High

This month has been highlighted by two events, each stimulating different part of my psyche.

On April 7 2014, my best friend left me all too soon. Ever since our mother gained a full custody of us, cats have been a major part of my life. About 14 years ago, my mother purchased two white persian kittens who were brothers. One yellow-eyed and the other pale-blue-eyed. They lived with me through my various residences until I moved to Portland in 2004. The cats then made their home at my mother's office. I was always drawn to blue eyes, he had a very unique personality. After 5 years in Portland, I brought blue eyes back with me after a Christmas visit. 

I renamed the snow angel Sigur, after the Icelandic band because he reminded me of pristine icy beauty and serenity of the Nordics. From the moment he set his paws into my dwelling in Portland, Sigur made himself at home, as if he had always belonged here - with me. And we lived almost happily ever after until he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the fall of 2013. Obvious treatment was to up the protein intake to get some more meat on him but then the next test showed that his kidney was failing. It was a catch-22 where there was no cure to treat both diseases. Sig's kidney deteriorated within a season. When he no longer had enough life to even drink water, I had to let him go. The way Sig buried his face in my womb on that cold, metallic table at the vet, as we waited for his shot of death... something about how it unfolded forever haunts me. And ever since Sigur left me, I am forever changed where my emotion has been altered or reprogrammed. He was the best thing that had ever happened to me. 

In putting together a video to mark Sigur's passing, I regret that I did not capture more memories through the lens.

The following week fulfilled a dream that I never thought would come to pass. Ride is perhaps my favorite band from the nineties, and I was not in a position to catch them live before they ceased. When I had interviewed Ride's singer/guitarist Mark Gardner couple of years ago, he declared that they'll never get back together... oh what is that saying: "never say never"? I thought I had to sell my kidney to finance a trip to UK to see the reunited Ride but thanks to Coachella, they scheduled few dates in California. Flying to San Francisco was one of the cheapest pilgrimage I've made to see a live show because my sister lives there (free lodging).

Not that I could compare, but it seemed the two decades was like yesterday. Ride still looked young enough that I didn't have to rely on nostalgia. But something intangible from the years past enveloped me as I drifted in the swaths of swirling music at The Warfield. Bonus was that Eagulls were the opening band. The minus was that I dropped my iPhone in water little before the show - so I could not share my experience via Instagram. But that was probably a good thing - to be without a smartphone for 3 days and navigate the streets of San Francisco the old way - by asking people for directions like back in the nineties!

You can see photos and my brief review written in a zombie state over at Consequence of SoundI made a photo slide as well - my first from a live show and made me see things that I had missed just going through stills; it's missing a story! Well, every project is a learning process, otherwise what's the use - right?