Catching Up on 2015

Wow - I let a half of a year pass by without updating my website - time just gets shorter as you age! So what's happened since my last post? Been to Europe twice - other than that, things were pretty much business as usual as a freelancer. Before I cross the Atlantic again, here are few notes about 2015:

Thanks to all my patrons I continue to work with ever since my graduation from The Art Institute of Portland, and the new clients I've had the chance to collaborate with this year. Made more Yelp business profile videos (I've probably completed about 250 of them by now!), Zillow videos, dog training videos for Hannah the Pet Society, yoga video for YogaUOnline, portraits & event photography, and various other projects.

It's been a year since I finally signed up to have a Yelp page for my business and am pleased to have served happy clients. Read the reviews at:

Commissioned by Yelp

Now on to my "moonlight" gigs as a music site contributor. 


Pickathon - first fest I didn't actually work it - was a guest of Happyness but festival has used some photos for their social media marketing. Click to see gallery

Flow Festival photos and report for Consequence of Sound

Green Man Festival photos for Consequence of Sound

Vegan Beer & Food Festival photos (yes, it had a stage with live music) for Vortex Magazine

Pitchfork Paris for Consequence of Sound



Christopher Owens - He and his bandmates let me invade their space from their unloading to nightcap. Was originally going to be photos only but I ended up writing a little journal: "8.5 hours with Christopher Owens" over at The 405


Mew is one of my favorite bands, and I finally had the chance to meet them at Green Man Festival in Wales. It was a brief portrait shoot session, but I was so nervous! When their tour bus rolled into Portland couple of months later, I gathered my courage to request for off stage time. But once again, my nerves got the best of me during the interview (seems the more I've done, the more uncomfortable I am with them, feeling contrived. We were trying to do action-based profile but didn't have the time). You can read the interview over at The 405 but think my review of the show is better (Portland Mercury). 


I've been a longtime fan of Girls Names. I first met them at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK (May 2013). The Northern Irish band seem to be on tour all the time, but they have yet to make it to my neck of the woods. Luckily, my most recent trip to Europe allowed me to catch them in Spain and in Italy (click the country for photos, YouTube for some concert videos). 


You can check out some travel photos over at Flickr

That's all for now; maybe this year, this hermit will do a better job. And hoping to produce more creative projects!