2017 overall has been turning out to be a pretty good year after the not-so-great 2016. This has been a transitional time as I am preparing for a new life. 

I sold my house in late September after eight years of learning and reaping the benefits. I gave away thousands of worth of belongings in the process and am working on reducing my belongings down to 3 suitcases by the end of January 2018, of which only 1 I will tote around the world. As a former orphan, I dreamed of having a place to call home and desired material things. Now I have learned that tangibles are quite burdensome and most of them are unnecessary. I'm shedding the weight so that I may fly around the world for sights and experiences to bank in my mind. 

The transition signals less video, more photography and less music coverage, more personal projects on my menu; I miss being an artist. But I will always be open to revisiting as well as exploring the new. So if you'd like to commission or collaborate, let me know!

In the meantime, I will be selling off much of my possessions. Will keep adding until my lease ends in late January. You can check out the items for sale on Craigslist

You can also support my new venture by renting my car before I turn them over to Travelcar. Almost free if you use this link for Turo

I'm also planning to auction off all my old paintings/artwork for charity and create "Postcards from Autumn" page where you can donate and get a card from me from my travels.

The best way to travel with me vicariously is by following me on my Instagram: dada_autumn

Stay tuned and stay safe!

p.s. did you catch the supermoon?